Conference Program Themes

Stay tuned for exciting announcements about the ASBMB 2019 Program!

The Conference program will feature keynote lectures, symposium, early career researcher and poster presentation and will focus on the following themes: 

Gene editing has revolutionised the biological sciences in the last few years, enabling the precise targeting and editing of the genome. Recently the potential of gene editing to correct faulty DNA in human embryos and supercharge plant breeding has stirred much excitement in the fields of medicine and agriculture but has encountered ethical and policy hurdles. As such it is an ideal time to witness the latest advances in gene editing.



The last few decades have seen exciting discoveries in the field of RNA biology, particularly in identifying a wide range of different types of non-coding RNA and in understanding how these non-coding RNAs can influence gene regulation. Yet we still do not know the full range of RNA species, nor do we understand how RNAs are regulated, structured, or interact with proteins to ultimately impact the health of the cell.



After decades of discoveries based on serendipitous or random identification of the active ingredient from natural remedies, a more targeted plan based on improved knowledge of the mechanism of action and toxicity of drugs allowed a more rational development of novel agents. The advent of the high throughput screening of large compounds libraries era provides novel opportunities for drug discovery.