Gender Equity Policy

The ASBMB strives to achieve gender balance in all aspects of their conference. The organising committee endeavours to achieve this balance through equal female and male representation on the organising committee and as session chairs as well as through invitations to high quality speakers of both sexes in line with the gender balance in our research community. We will provide family-friendly facilities for conference delegates, including a parent’s room with a live feed of the meeting.

Organising committee gender ratio: 4:3 (F:M)

Keynote Speaker gender ratio: 3:3 (F:M)

Program Committee gender ratio: 1:2 (F:M)

Symposium chairs and speakers: to be reported when finalised.

In developing our gender balance policy we were influenced by the following articles: The Lorne Protein conference article on the Women in Science Australia webpage (link to, and the “Ten Simple Rules to Achieve Conference Speaker Gender Balance” (link to,

The conference chair Nic Taylor ( encourages any attendee to make contact if they require family-friendly measures, so that we can facilitate their availability.